Good Ears

Bob lived in an apartment building and had to walk down the hall every 
morning to get his mail. One morning while getting his mail, his new, 
drop-dead gorgeous neighbor came out of her apartment towards him.  

As she leaned over to get her mail, her robe opened a bit. Bob could 
hardly believe it, she wasn't wearing a thing under her robe. The woman 
leaned closer to Bob and said good morning.

This time her robe opened up completely. She purred to Bob that she 
hadn't had a man in years.  He could hardly keep eye contact. She said 
she heard someone coming and that they should go to her apartment.

They went inside and she let the robe fall to the floor. "What do you 
think my best feature is?"

Bob stuttered and drooled a bit, and finally said, "Your ears."

"What do you mean my ears?  Look at me.  I have perfect breasts, a nice 
tight ass and legs to die for!  What on earth made you say ears?"

"Well," said Bob, "in the hall, you said you heard someone coming? 
That was me!"

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