"When I was coming up, it was a dangerous world and you knew exactly who
they were. It was us versus them and it was clear who them was. Today we
are not so sure who the they are, but we know they're there."
 -- Texas Gov. George W. Bush, presidential candidate.

"Food on the family."
 -- George W. Bush listing one of the priorities of his future administration.

"This is Preservation month. I appreciate preservation. This is what you do
when you run for president. You've got to preserve."
 -- George W. Bush to several hundred children at an elementary school in
    Nashua that was celebrating what it called Perseverance Month (not
    Preservation Month).

"Is your children learning?"
 -- George W. Bush on education.

"Some people have too much freedom."
 -- George W. Bush

"The Grecians."
 -- George W. Bush on Greek people.

"What I'm against is quotas. I'm against hard quotas, quotas that basically
delineate based upon whatever. However they delineate, quotas, I think,
vulcanize society."
 -- George W. Bush, meaning to say "balkanize," not "vulcanize" -- we think
 -- and something about quotas (Austin American-Statesman 3/23/99).

"Sitting down and reading a 500-page book on public policy or philosophy or
 -- George W. Bush when asked to name something he isn't good at (Talk
    magazine, September 1999).

"Please! Don't kill me."
 -- George W. Bush to Larry King, mocking what Karla Faye Tucker said when
    asked "What would you say to Governor Bush?" prior to her execution by
    lethal injection (as reported by Talk magazine, September 1999).

"Tell them I have learned from mistakes I may or may not have made."
 -- George W. Bush

"Just make sure you put in there, 'He was real tired, too.'"
 -- George W. Bush on the press reporting his verbal miscues.

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