The "Bases" Explained

Standardized Guide

On Deck:  Having plans for a date
Strike-Out:  Duh!
Walk:  Kissing
Bunt:  Masturbation
Single:  Tongue kissing
Double:  Breasts/chest touched, some clothes off, lots of grabbing and feels
Triple:  Most of the clothes off, genital contact, mutual masturbation
Inside the park home run:  Oral Sex
Home Run:  SEX!

Ground Rule Double:  would have sex, but no condom
Error:  Condom breaks during sex
Banned for life for gambling:  sex without condom
Hall of Fame:  Marriage

Advanced Terms

Balk: Premature ejaculation
Pine Tar: KY jelly
Relief pitcher: Vibrator
Rain Delay: parents/roommate return home unexpectedly
Box Seats: Waterbed
Seventh Inning Stretch: Unusual positions
Rookie: Virgin
Minor Leagues: Under 18
Loaded Bases: manage a trois
Grand Slam Sex: four times in twelve hours
Foul tip: VD
Three up and three down: impotency

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