Debts Paid

One evening, a man was upstairs in bed when he heard a knock at the door.
Obviously too lazy to get the door, he hollered to his wife who was in the
shower to get the door.  Mad but knowing her husband would not get the door,
she put on a towel and headed down stairs.  When she answered the door, it
was the neighbor from across the street.  He was so surprised to see her in
a towel, he could not help but to offer her $200 to flash her breasts.  The
wife thought, "Well, what could it hurt?  I could use $200!"  So she agreed, 
and opened the top of her towel.  The neighbor, mouth open in amazement 
exclaimed, "My God, I have died and gone to heaven!!  I'll tell you what, 
I'll give you another $200 to show me everything!"  The wife thought, "Man, 
this guys nuts, but $400 dollars sounds really good, and I have a lot of 
things I want to buy."  So she agreed.  She opened her towel and showed 
everything.  The neighbor, who was obviously excited and amazed, shelled 
over $400 and was on his way.  As she entered the bedroom, still chuckling 
to herself $400 richer, her husband asked, "Who was at the door?" The wife 
replied "Oh, it was just Jim from across the street."  Her husband replied 
"Oh great, did he give you the $400 he owes me?"

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