Ghetto Resume

          Resume of Roasalie Anastasia Shanekia "Pookie" Jones

          ADDRESS:  2036 South Side Skreet, Compton,CA  11122
          PHONE:  Cut off right now but will be back on by the 15th.


To one day fulfill my dream of being a Soul Train dancer and you know
just gittin my life togetha and stuff.  I also hope to one day hope to
be the best cosmotologecalist (you know what I mean... Beauty
Speciacalist) in my hood.


I do hurh and nails in my kitchen and I use my glitter and weave bonding
glue for arts and crafts and stuff.  I do braids in any texture or
synthetic or real human hurh.  Black, blonde,brown, dark brown, dark
black, gold blonde, dark gold blonde, red, maroon, blue and rainbow colors.



  (graduated with honors for the most extensions done in a year's time)


* Big Daddy's Motel Motor Lodge Bar & Grill Pool Hall & Bait 'n Tackle Shop
  (January 10, 1999 - January 30, 1999)
  Reason for leaving:  Big Daddy kept hittin on me

* My Baby's Daddy Day Care Center Car Wash & Shoe Repair
  (Nov. 2, 1998 - Nov. 10, 1998)
  Reason for leaving:  They tried to work a sistuh ta deaf and I got thangs 
  ta do!

* The Golden Tooth Dental & Jewelry Emporium
  (March 1, 1998 - November 1,1998)
  I loved this job cuz they gaveded me a free toof ary monf and now I can
  spell my baby daddy name but they done up and fired me cuz I let one of 
  my homeboys sniff that laughing gas. He just smelt it, he don't do drugs 
  no mo.

* Kim Fung Toi's House of Rice & Skrimps and Stuff
  (you don't even wanna know)

* Jimmy's Jheri Curls & Motor Lube
  (Nov. 6, 1997 - Nov.7, 1997)
  Reason for leaving:  Hospitalized for spine injury when I slipped on an
  overflow of activator

* The Ike Turner Hoe Slap Recovery Center
  (They have lovely accommadations; yes, I worked there and was a patient too.)
  Reason for leaving:  Center closed down cuz Tina Turner done refused Ike's
  request to give us a benefit concert and donate the money to Ike. Ike say
  Tina done got beside hurself since she a big star and arythang.  He say he
  remember when she was Anna Mae Bullock from Nut Bush, Tennessee.


  - Lawanda Jenkins (from up the skreet)

  - Hezakiah Clevestus "the playa" Jones 
    (my mama's sister's brother-in-law half-brother)

  - The Right Reverend Aliza Benjamin Ineedadrank O'Grady  (Pastor of The
    Greater Mt. Carmel Church of God in Christ Kingdom Hall of Our Lady of
    Saints Holy Rosary Latter Day Seventh Advent Saints Episcapaleen
    Sanctified Non-Denominational Baptist Church, Inc.  (a not-for-profit 


  All time periods unaccounted for above when I wasn't working are "none of
  your business but I was not on no welfare cause I done always worked at
  somethin nother."

Resume by The Professional Resume People, Inc. of South Central

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