Herbie Plays Golf

Herbie spends most of his time in the club house drinking and cursing 
all day long.  No one wants to golf with him any more.

One day the bartender says, "Say Herbie, I know you're looking for a
foursome, and I think I've been able to set it up for you.  I have to 
warn you though, the three other members are Nuns, and you have to be 
on your best behavior."

"That's great.  I promise I'll behave.  When do we tee off?" he asks.

"Tomorrow morning." says the bartender.

Herbie meets the three Nuns the next morning and is doing pretty good 
with his foul mouth, but his game is off. At the fourth hole he puts a 
shot right into the pond.

"Oh shit.....#@##@#%$^%*^&*(^(^*$%#$!!!!" Shouts Herbie.  Immediately,
realizing what he's done he makes a profound apology the sisters.  They
accept his apology and play on.

On the seventh fairway, he slices the ball.  It is gone and lost forever 
in the woods.

"Oh shit.....Mother##@!**&^%) sonofabitch!" He screams.  Again, Herbie 
finds himself in a position of having to say how sorry he is to the Nuns.
"Sisters, may God strike me dead if I ever say those words again."
With an oath like that, the sisters are obliged and gratefully accept his
humble words.

On the 12th hole, Herbie six-puts an easy shot.  He completely loses his
temper, throws his clubs and goes into the foulest tirade never before 
heard on the face of the earth.  Just then a huge black cloud wells up 
over the foursome.  Thunder is heard in the background.  Suddenly, ZAP, 
ZAP, ZAP!  Lightning strikes the three nuns ...dead.

Herbie is left standing there with his mouth agape, with three dead nuns at
his feet...he's completely silenced and terrified.

Just then, great booming voice is heard over the golf course....

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