10 Signs That Navy Women Have It Rough

10. You're the only female invited to the next Tailhook Convention.
9.  The Captain invites you to his room to play "Upscope."
8.  The first ship you're assigned to is called a Frigate.
7.  Your welcome package includes a bumper sticker which says, "If this
    ship's rockin' don't come knockin'.
6.  You're always volunteered to be the CPR dummy.
5.  You THOUGHT they said "All hands on DECK."
4.  Your water survival gear consists of a thong bikini and a bottle of
3.  The pilots practice their carrier landings while pretending you're an
    aircraft carrier.
2.  You're assigned to a submarine and you hear someone say "going down" even
    after you're underwater.
1.  Your room is equipped with a 13 inch colored Admiral, and you find out
    it's not a television set.

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