Top 10 Summer Camps to Avoid

Top 10 Summer Camps you should not send your kids to.
10. Tommy Lee's---------- Camp Kickachickee
9.  Lorena Bobbit's------ Camp Cutaweewee
8.  Tanya Harding's------ Camp Wackaneenee
7.  Kenneth Star's------- Camp Catchacrookee
6.  Louis Farakahn's----- Camp Killawhitey
5.  O.J. Simpson's------- Camp Killachickee
4.  Michael Jackson's---- Camp Wannabewhitey
3.  President Clinton's---Camp Getahoochie
2.  Ellen Degeneres's---- Camp Lickacoochie

And the number one camp not to send your kid to:

1.  Monica Lewinsky's---- Camp Suckapeepee

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