A 7 year old & his 4 year old brother are upstairs in their bedroom.
The 7 year old is explaining that it is high time that the two of them
begin swearing.  When his little brother responds enthusiastically, the 7
year old says " When we go downstairs for breakfast this morning, I'll say
'hell', and you say 'ass'."  The 4 year old happily agrees.  As the two
boys are seating themselves at the table, their mother walks in & asks her
older son what he would like to eat.  The 7 year old replies "Aw Hell Mom,
I'll just have some cheerios."  The surprised mother reacts quickly.
WHACK!  The boy runs upstairs bawling, & rubbing the side of his head.
With a sterner note in her voice,the mother then asks the younger son,"
And what would YOU like for breakfast?"  "I don't know" blubbers the 4 year
old, " but you can bet your ass it's not gonna be Cheerios."

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