What Women Should Know About Men

* Women don't make fools of men -- most of them are the do-it-yourself types.
* The best reason to divorce a man is a health reason: you've got sick of him.
* A woman's work that is never done, is the stuff she asked her husband to do.
* If you want a nice man go for a bald one...they try harder.
* Go for younger men. You might as well...they never mature anyway.
* Men's brains are like the prison system...not enough cells per man.
* Husbands are like children...they're fine if they're someone else's.
* Never trust a man who says he's the boss at home. He probably lies about
  other things too.
* There are only two four-letter words that are offensive to men... 
  'don't' and 'stop' (but not used together).
* Whenever you meet a man who would make a good husband.  You will usually
  find that he is.
* There are a lot of words you can use to describe men:  Strong, caring,
  loving...they'd be wrong but you could still use them!
* Men are like animals...messy, insensitive and potentially violent...  But
  they make great pets!

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