Southern Slang

Little Rock, Arkansas educators, after learning that Oakland, California
educators have started classes teaching ethnic slang, have decided there
is also a need to designate southern slang as a geographic language. Ergo,

Here is a sampling from the new Arkansas Hickphonics dictionary now being

1.) HEIDI - noun. greeting.

2.) HIRE YEW - complete sentence. remainder of greeting. Usage: "Heidi,
               hire yew?"

3.) BARD - verb. past tense of "to borrow". Usage: "My brother bard my
           pickup truck."

4.) JAWJUH - noun. a state just north of Florida. Capital is Lanna. Usage:
             "My brother from Jawjuh bard my pickup truck."

5.) BAMMER - noun. state just west of Jawjuh. Usage: "A tornader went thru
             bammer 'n left $20 million in improvements."

6.) MUNTS - noun. a calendar division. Usage: "My brother from Jawjuh bard
my pickup truck and I ain't herd from him in munts."

7.) THANK - verb. ability to cognitively process. Usage: "Ah thank ah'll
a bare."

8.) BARE - noun. an alcoholic beverage. Usage: "Ah thank ah'll have a

9.) IGNERT - adjective. not smart. see "Arkansas native". Usage: "Some of
those Bammer boys sure are ignert."

10.) RANCH - noun. a tool used for tight'nin' bolts. Usage: "I thank I
ranch in the back of my pickup truck that my brother from Jawjuh bard

few munts ago."

11.) ALL - noun. a petroleum-based product. Usage: "I sure hope my brother
Jawjuh puts all in my pickup truck."

12.) FAR - noun. a conflagration. Usage: "If my brother from Jawjuh don't
the all in the pickup truck he bard, that thangs gonna catch far."

13.) TAR - noun. a rubber wheel. Usage: "I hope my brother from Jawjuh
a flat tar in my pickup truck."

14.) TARRED - adverb. Exhausted. Usage: "I just flew in from Lanna, and
my arms tarred."

15.) FARN - adjective. not from here. Usage: "I can't unnerstant a wurd he
He must be from sum farn cuntry."

16.) DID - adjective. not alive. Usage: "He ain't breathin.' Must be did."

17.) EAR - noun. a colorless gas (except in LA.) Usage: "I'm gonna go
fer some fresh ear!"

18.) BOB WAR - noun. a sharp twisted cable. Usage: "Stay away from that

19.) JEW HERE - noun and verb contraction. Usage: "Jew here that my
Jawjuh got a job with that bob war fence company?"

20.) HAZE - a contraction. Usage: "Is Bubba smart? Nah, haze ignert.

21.) SEED - verb. past tense of see.

22.) VIEW - contraction: verb and pronoun. Usage: "I ain't never seed New
City... view?"

23.) GUMMIT - noun. a bureaucratic state or federal institution. Usage:
gummit boys sure are ignert."

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