Birth Control

Three women get together for coffee and the topic of conversation turns to

The first woman says:  "We've used the rhythm method for years. The Holy
Father approves of it and its surprisingly effective - it's only ever failed
us twice"

The second woman says:  "Holy Father, Shmoly Father. We don't go for all
that pious claptrap.  We've always used the pill. It's easy, it doesn't rob
us of our pleasure and it's only ever failed us once"

The third woman says:  "We've always used the plate and bucket method. My
husband and I met in the army and it was hard to get any private time with
each other so we'd usually hide out in a closet somewhere. My husband, being
shorter than me, would have to stand on a bucket. When I'd see his
eyes get as big and round as plates I'd kick the bucket out from under him.
It's never failed us".

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