Golf Tournament

A man and wife were playing in their club's annual "Guys and Dolls"
tournament. The man was not happy about having to play, but his wife had
insisted. On the 12th tee, his patience had reached its limit. While his
wife wasted time on the ladies tee, he decided to go ahead and hit his drive
from the men's. Unfortunately, he misjudged his shot and his ball hit his
wife in the back of the head, killing her instantly. At the hospital the
doctor came to talk to the husband. "Mr. Davies, we found a golf ball lodged
3 inches into your wife's brain, which was the cause of death. But, we have
found something else that really puzzles us." "What is it?" asked Mr.
Davies. "Well," said the doctor, "we also found a golf ball lodged 6 inches
into her anal cavity." The husband dismissed the doctor with a wave of his
hand "Oh, that was just my Mulligan!"

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