Lonely in the Desert

A man was walking through the desert.  He sees a camel and being a bit
lonely and deprived starts humping it.
So the camel walks up a couple of feet.
The man is puzzled.  So he takes a rock and places it behind the camel and
starts humping it again.  The camel is getting very angry so he moves up a
couple of more feet.  The man takes the rock again, places it behind the
camel and starts humping it.  The camel moves up.
As the man is getting the rock, he notices a naked woman running away from
10 men who are chasing her with clubs and knives.
The man feels sorry for this woman and takes down all the men.
The woman is relieved that this man saved her.
She said, "Thank you, young man for saving me!"  "I'll reward you with
anything you want from me!"
The man said, "Yeah, can you hold my camel?"

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