There was this young boy who was being raised on the farm.  Everyday
before breakfast, he was required to perform chores.  After his chores
were completed, his mother would make him a large breakfast then off to
school he would go.

One morning, he decided he did not WANT to do his chores.  He went down
the steps to the kitchen and demanded of his mother to serve him
breakfast.  She replied, "Oh, no, son...I will fix you breakfast AFTER
you do you chores."

The son was MAD.  Outside he went, slamming the door behind him.  He
walks over to the chickens, throws them their feed and KICKS the last

He walks over to the pigs, throws them their slop and KICKS the last

Next he goes to the cows, milks them all and KICKS the last cow.

He returns to the kitchen only to find his mother very angry with him.
She said, "I SAW what you did young man; you kicked the last chicken -
NO EGGS FOR YOU; you kicked the last pig - NO BACON FOR YOU; you kicked
the last cow - NO MILK FOR YOU!"

With that the father comes down the stairs.  The cat races past him
almost tripping the father on the last step.  The father hawls off and
kicks the cat.

The son looks up to the mother and says, "Should I tell him or should