1)  Ask for extra-hot chilli sauce on your kebab.
2)  Try and get off with your best mate's girlfriend.
3)  Piss in your girlfriend's cupboard/out the window/anywhere except
in the bathroom.
4)  Give a running commentary, out loud, on anything you do, even
though You're alone (eg, ah'm gonna go into the kitschen, ah'm gonna
get myshelf A beer, an' ah'm gonna drink it... thatsh whad am'm gonna do... etc.)
5)Get a tattoo/try to tattoo yourself.
6)  Use classy chat-up lines like: "You've got phemoninal...phemonim...Great tits. Can I shag you?"
7)  Fall down open manholes.
8)  Chuck up in the back of taxis.
9)  Climb onto the roof of bus shelters - to get a better view of the
stars, Man.
10) Pull a moonie.
11) Think it's really funny to put all your female flatmate's
underwear In the freezer compartment.
12) Make "punch" out of half a bottle of vodka, a bottle of red wine,
and Some Strongbow.
13) Drink it.
14) Get thrown out of a nightclub for taking all your clothes off.
15) Sing.
16) Sing "Beers, beers, we want more beers, all the lads are cheerin',
Get the fookin' beers in. Beers beers we want more beers" your
Girlfriend's parents.
17) Dance as if you are John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever.  And
bump intoThings.  And break them.  And not give a flying fuck about
18) Make yourself a delicious snack of English mustard on stale white
19) Decide that the waste bin would look better on your head.
20) Fall asleep on the stairs, with your trousers around your ankles.
21) Decide to walk home, even though it's seven miles away.
22) Fall asleep in a bus shelter.
23) Fall asleep on the night bus and wake up at dawn, in the middle of 
    Nowhere, having had your shoes nicked.
24) Watch Seventies Hammer House of Horror films starring Patrick Mower.
25) And think they're good.
26) Fall asleep with a pint glass full of water on your chest, and only
    spill It when you wake up in the morning.
27) Steal bottles of milk from doorsteps.
28) Order the hottest curry on the menu.
29) Ring up every woman in your address book at 2am and say, "Hi, I
was just thinking about you. Maybe we should meet up.  Now-ish..."
30) Attempt to shag any woman who shows a passing interest in you.
31) Get into a fight with a taxi driver.
32) Say, "You're my best mate, you are", to people you've just met.
33) Decide that you and your ex-girlfriend really should be together.
35) Make a bonfire of photos of your ex-girlfriend.
36) Get really emotional, put on the most morose record in your
collection and weep about nothing in particular.
37) Dig out you photo albums, get even more emotional, ring up old
friends who've moved abroad and tell them they're your best mate ever.
34) Join the French Foreign Legion.
38) Attempt to phone the Pope, the Queen, Bill Clinton, etc.
39) Take lots of drugs.
40) Make lots of inadvisable bets.