Have you hear the one about the man who walked into a bar with a suit

 case in hand?

   |\     He opened it.. pulled out a little piano.. and a piano stool.
  _| \            Reaching into his pocket and pulled out a mouse.  He
 (_| |    .---.       put the mouse on the piano stool, the mouse then
    _|   /   6_6      began to play a classical piece.  The crowd in the
   (_|   \_  (__\     bar began to gather and look in wonder.  The man
         //   \\      then pulled out a bird and placed him on the piano,
        ((     ))         the Bird then began to sing a Paccini aria in
  =======""===""=======   crystal clear Italian.  A man at the end of the
  jgs      |||            bar had become very excited about all this and
           |||    offered the man $100,000 dollars for the whole setup.
           '|'    The owner said no.  The other man offered the money
                  for just the Bird, exclaiming that he loved that 
 voice of the bird so much he just               ___
 had to have it.  The owner agreed      _  _  .-'   '-.
 and sold the bird for $100,000.       (.)(.)/         \   jgs
 The bartender questioned the          /00             ;
 owner of the setup and told him      o_\\-mm-......-mm`~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~`
 that the whole thing was worth 
 millions. "That's okay," the man replied,  "the mouse is a ventriloquist".