Some rejected state slogans

FLORIDA:The Gunshine State

ALABAMA:Literacy Ain't Everything

ARKANSAS:At Least We're not Oklahoma 

ILLINOIS:Gateway to Iowa

KENTUCKY:Tobacco is a Vegetable

MAINE:For Sale

MONTANA:Land of the Big Sky, and Very Little Else 

NEW JERSEY:You Have the Right to Remain Silent, You Have the Right to an Attorney ...

NEW MEXICO:Lizards Make Excellent Pets 

NORTH CAROLINA:Five Million People; Fifteen Last Names 

OHIO:Don't Judge us by Cleveland


SOUTH DAKOTA:Closer than North Dakota 

TENNESSEE:The Educashun State

TEXAS:Si Hablo Ingles

UTAH:Our Jesus is Better than Your Jesus 

CALIFORNIA:The Granola State -or- Nobody's actually from here.

KANSAS:Hayfever capital of the Midwest. 

COLORADO:Too wimpy to cross the mountains so we stopped here. 

NEBRASKA:More corn than Kansas.

MISSOURI:Gateway to Kansas.

LOUISIANA:Cancer Alley's just a name, and names will never hurt you. 

NEVADA:More Weirdos than Alaska (Warmer Too). 

MICHIGAN:Land of the free, home of the Buick. 

ARIZONA:Winter home to 150,000 snowbirds. 

FLORIDA:Elephant Graveyard; where old Republicans go to die. 

MINNESOTA:Not Sweden, but we try to act like it. 

WISCONSIN:Land of funny accents.

IDAHO:Nothing here.

OREGON:As pretty as California but not as weird.