Battle lines at Tech Support

This one is more along the lines of general product support, rather
than just tech support:

   One company received a call on the product support line from a lady
saying that her washer was broken and that she needed it either fixed
or replaced.
   The support person asked what happened, and the lady began her
   "Well, I was going to get a pair of stone-washed jeans, but they
were too expensive.  So I got a normal pair of jeans and put them in
the washer with some rocks..."

Maybe the weird calls to Tech Support aren't because the people are
computer illiterate...

   Then there's the story about a woman who was upset because her new
printer wouldn't print.
   The Tech Support person started through the standard questions,
like, "Is the printer plugged in, turned on..."
   The woman answered yes.
   So the next question was, "Is the cable plugged in?"
   The reply came back, "It doesn't need a cable.  It's a laser
printer--it sends information by laser beam."