Going down...

A small chartered aircraft was flying into Seattle, when the area was 
enveloped by dense fog.  Just as the pilot started getting vectored for the 
approach, the aircraft suffered a complete radio failure.  With his gas 
getting low, and the passengers getting nervous, he decided to carefully drop 
down to have a look.  He broke out just above an office building.  He saw 
someone in the building near an open window, so he flew right up next to the 
building, idled his engines and yelled at the top of his lungs:  "WHERE AM I?"  
The man in the building responded "IN AN AIRPLANE!"  At that, the pilot gunned 
his engines, flew west five miles, miraculously finds SEATAC and lands.  His 
passengers, amazed and relieved asked him "How did you know where the airport 
was?"  He answered "When I asked that guy where I was, and he answered 'in an 
airplane' he gave me information that was perfectly true and also perfectly 
worthless. From that I figured it had to be the Microsoft Technical 
Information Center, which is five miles due east of the airport, so..."