You finally do take that vacation, but only after buying a cellular
modem and a laptop.

You spend half of the plane trip with your laptop on your lap...and your
child in the overhead compartment.

All your daydreaming is preoccupied with getting a faster connection to
the net: 28.8...ISDN...cable modem...T1...T3.

And even your night dreams are in HTML.
Your heart races faster and beats irregularly each time you see a new WWW
site address in print or on TV, even though you've never had heart problems

You step out of your room and realize that your parents have moved and you
don't have a clue when it happened.

You turn on your intercom when leaving the room so you can hear if new
e-mail arrives.

Your wife drapes a blonde wig over your monitor to remind you of what she
looks like.

All of your friends have an @ in their names.
You can't call your mother...she doesn't have a modem.
You check your mail. It says "no new messages." So you check it again.
You have commandeered your teenager's phone line for the net and even his
friends know not to call on his line anymore.

Your phone bill comes to your doorstep in a box.
You code your homework in HTML and give your instructor the URL.
You miss more than five meals a week downloading the latest games from

You move into a new house and decide to Netscape before you landscape.